Why Radatti Foods?

Many years ago, I got word that my mother, Marie, had cancer. The treatment recommendations sounded like she would die soon. I spent time researching cancer and was surprised to learn that the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1930 to Dr. Otto Warburg for proving that cancer cells could only survive consuming glucose. Being of Italian American heritage, our diet featured lots of bread and pasta. 

I decided to develop an alternative to wheat flour that had no carbohydrates. I was determined to make a product that was not only low or no carbohydrate, it would also use no toxic ingredients (unlike most diet foods).  I was determined to make the product as good as I could, cutting no corners with cheap or substitute ingredients.  This was for love, not money so cost was not a consideration. 

I developed an acceptable alternative flour that was ready to market.  Not just a cake flour but a bread flour used for rolls and pizza shells, a substitute for pasta that tasted and has the mouth feel of pasta and finally a replacement for rice.  All of these contained no digestible carbohydrates but improved health by means of improved microbiome function.  I wrote books on this subject if you look at the bottom of this page.  I brought a medical doctor formally associated with the recently deceased Dr. Atkins in as a partner.  Our company failed and we spent many years in a legal battle.  I won the rights to the formulations, which was fair as I created them, and the company.  He got the remainder of the money. 

With business startups, this was not my first rodeo, but it hurt me a lot. I cast this project aside—for years. Then I started seeing my life, my family’s lives, my friends…they were all suffering from carbohydrate excesses and microbiome unbalance.  A few years ago, I began pursuing this idea again but was unwilling to go it alone.  This time a long-time friend, Rebecca Hart- Malter stepped up and we created a business relationship that would allow us to each manage our side of the business.  She already has extensive knowledge on the distribution of healthy foods and we both have a similar understanding of how health works. 

My food dreams for my mother are finally coming into reality! We can make alternative foods that tastes like real food instead of tasting like a memory of good food. With the help of my new partner, Rebecca, we have added an entirely safe, non-toxic, carbohydrate-free sweetener.  Not only is she a successful businesswoman but she is a trained fancy European style bakery chief. She has developed a host of wonderful pastry and muffin recipes. 

Best of all, our baked goods taste like gourmet, mainstream foods and can be prepared with wholesome ingredients. Gourmet foods with very low or no carbohydrates, and still able to fulfill your other dietary requirements! With Radatti Foods, while you follow a healthy lifestyle, you don’t need to compromise taste or quality while you eat cake, breads, or muffins. Truly, with Radatti Foods, you can have your cake, and eat it, too!

These flour and sweetening products have no carbohydrates, no fat, no protein—they can’t spoil if they are kept moisture free. There are no GMOs, no allergens, no agricultural chemicals. We can make it in many shapes. Watch for our additional products: we will have alternatives to rice and pasta soon and are working on alternatives to ice cream and carbohydrate-based beverages.

Dietary Fiber: Essential To The Human Microbiome and Health

MicroBiome Me: The Gut Brain Connection with the Microbiome (Dietary Fiber Book 2)